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My name is Doug Patzel, Bruce's Cousin in Sault ste. Marie, Ontario. My question is for Mr. Knight, the Bass Player & Vocals. I have been looking for an electric standup Bass because of my neck problems, Iwas wondering the make & model no. of your Bass, for it looks & sounds awesome!! Could you send me the info on your stand-up Bass & the approximate cost?? ...a true fan, Truly, Doug Patzel.

Tillers Folly responded on 01/17/2014

Hi Doug

Happy new year to you. My electric upright is an NS not sure which model but it cost approx $3300 plus tax and then there was a cost of $250 for the extra stand. They are available used and I think some shrewd searching on ebay after you have done some homework could find you a good one at a more reasonable price. I would check pricing at Long and McQuade and then go form there.

happy hunting

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